How to download tiktok thumbnail

In this post you will learn how to download tiktok covers from chrome using svtiktok free online

How many of us were scrolling through tiktok when, for a fraction of a second, you see an image that doesn't appear in the tiktok?

In this post we will teach you how to download those images using svtiktok. The method is really simple and can be done in less than 10 seconds. At the end you will find a video showing you how is done from start to finish.

Let's begin! (Even though the titles say "from chrome" they also works in any web browser)

Download Tiktok Thumbnail from chrome - Method 1

This is the easiest and fastest method and the one we recommend using, it consist in just changing the url adding "sv" in front of "tiktok"

First, find that tiktok you want to download its thumbnail, then click it

Second, click the url direction and add "sv" in front of "tiktok"


Third, you can either press enter (but you will lose your current tab and all the other tiktoks you were watching) or copy the modified url, then open a new tab, paste the url and press enter

And that's all, you will be redirected to svtiktok and your tiktok thumbnail will appear svtiktok-preview

Now you just need to eiter click the Download button to download it or left clicking it and selecting "save image as..."

Download Tiktok Cover from chrome - Method 2

This method is as easy as the previous one, but it requires some more steps

Just like in the other method, find that tiktok you want to download its thumbnail, then click it

Second, click the url direction and copy it ( we will need it later, though if you are gifted with a memory superior to the rest then with remembering it it's enough)

Third, open a new tab (or use the current, but be careful, you will lose all the unsaved changes) and go to

Fourth, paste or write the tiktok url in the input

Fifth, click the Download button


Then your tiktok thumbnail will appear bellow the input
Now you can download it in two ways, the easiest way is to click the Download button bellow the tiktok cover


Or you can left click the image and then click "save image as..."

As promised here is a video of how to download tiktok thumbnail from start to finish

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