How to Download TikTok Audio

Here we are going to show you how to download tiktok audios on pc

Ever since the last update svtiktok allows you to besides downloading TikTok thumbnails, download TikTok audios easily with just one click, check it out.

Even though the title says "on pc" it also works on Android / IOS, just open your preferred browser and follow the same steps.

How to Download Tiktok Sound

There are two ways to download tiktok sounds, the first one is using the new page Download Tiktok audio and the second one is the easiest, just add sv at the begging of the url.

Download Tiktok Sounds on PC - Method 1

1. You might notice the new "Download TikTok Audio" Button in the navbar at the top, click it and you will be redirected to the corresponding page Or Just Click Here

2. Then paste your desired TikTok link which you want to download its sound

3. Click the "Download" Button at the right of the input

4. Bellow the "Download Thumbnail" button now appears a "Download Audio" Button, just press it and that's all

Download Tiktok Audio Using URL

Just like you were downloading tiktok thumbnails you can also download tiktok audio

Go to your desired tiktok url and then add sv at the beginning of your URL. You can press enter or copy the modified url, open a new page and then press enter to avoid losing your current page

For example: becomes

Soon we will release a video tutorial about how to do it, so stay tune!

Update: Here is a video tutorial to Download Tiktok Audio