October Updates!

SvTikTok now allows Download TikTok Audio and more!

After so much work we are glad to share these improvements with you!

Now you can Download TikTok Audio using svtiktok!

This is the main topic of this update, We have been working on this for a long time now

Including the functionality of downloading TikTok thumbnail now its also possible to download its audio!

Read more about it here!

We are Working in Download Tiktok Videos

Yes, like the title says we are currently working to add a new functionality to svtiktok.

We are almost done with it but there are still some tinkering needed, we will release a new update when the moment comes

For now you can see our post about how to download tiktok videos without using any page or software

New Supported Tiktok Link!

From now on you can also download tiktok thumbnails using tiktok urls like: m.tiktok.com/v/7115806720328256773

No more bugs (We hope)

There was a bug that, when clicking download, would refresh the page instead of showing the thumbnail.